Yesterday was our first Facebook Live broadcast!  If you aren’t familiar with Facebook Live, it’s a real-time video post that appears on your follower’s News Feed. It will also display on your own page and be available as a recording after the broadcast is over. Viewers can engage during the live stream with comments or reactions, and can also select ‘Follow’ to get notified the next time you start a live broadcast.

So, if you haven’t incorporated Facebook Live into your marketing yet, this is a great time to evaluate the benefits and see if it’s right for your business. Facebook is currently advancing Live video by giving it a much higher organic reach.

Here’s what we learned through our first Live video:

  1. Make sure you have a strong internet connection at your location.

We had difficulty connecting at our Grandview Drive location, but found the magic spots to get connected. Facebook will hide the Live option if your internet connection isn’t strong enough.

  1. Don’t hit the ‘Go Live’ button until you have the right shot.

In the first few seconds of our Live broadcast, you see us move the phone to the correct location and switch the camera.  Avoid these undesirable camera movements by setting up your shot in advance.

  1. Audio quality can be an issue if you switch between the front and back cameras on your phone.

You will notice that our voices became faint when we switched to the back camera to capture the view from the building site.  This is because the phone we were using has a mic on both sides. When we switched cameras, the mic was pointing away from us causing the change in audio quality.  Your phone may be different, so experiment.

  1. Engage with your audience.

Attendees can like, love, wow, etc. during the broadcast and the symbols will float over the screen. It’s fun to see these as the presenter, so acknowledging the audience is a great way to keep them involved. This may also encourage viewers to watch your entire broadcast.

Interact with your audience by answering questions and responding to comments.   A simple shout out to someone who comments is a great way to acknowledge they are watching.

  1. Be you.

We practiced multiple times and found our “polished presentation” to be slightly boring. So know your main points, have fun, smile and just be you! People want to see your personality and know the face behind the company.

I’m sure there are many more tips and tricks, so please share your experiences in the comments.

Also, here’s a link to learn more about Facebook Live.

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