360 Panorama – Ray Trace

As we explore design options for the Grandview home, we generated a panorama image (using Chief Architect X9).

The 360 ray traced image below is composed of six images, like a cube, and then it is stitched together.  It went through 4 passes averaging 9 hrs./pass.  It is very large: 8878 x 4320 (approx. 4x the normal size we do at 1920 x 1080).

Chief Architect interior design panorama
Click the image to explore our 360 image.

360 images can be an interactive way to communicate your design ideas to your customers. Are you using 360 panoramic images in your business? Share the link with us in the comments below.



One thought on “360 Panorama – Ray Trace

  1. Check out Luis’s 360! https://youtu.be/yVGu5qOvESU

    “I created this study for the vintage industrial contest, then I wanted to create the 360 video with the same design. I had to export from CA to 3DS format, then open it into sketchup and edit some materials because not all were compatible, then I use Vray to make 360 panoramic render. After that, I used Adobe Premier to make some adjusts and exported to media encoder to create the video and finally use a youtube plugin (360 video metadata) to make it like 360 video render.” – Luis Vieyra of KRE Group LLC


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