Kitchen Island Options

We’re getting great feedback from our customers and professionals in our area. Islands are the latest design topic, which one of the following would you like in your kitchen?

Island Option 1 w-txt

Option one features a wide sink with two faucets. This will allow for two people to use the sink at the same time, but will also take up more space so there is less storage.

Option two features a waterfall countertop for the high eat-at-bar.

Island Option 2 w-txt

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Island Options

  1. I’m a option 2 person to separate the work area from the eating/bar top area. It also hides the cluttered work area when needed.

    But there are others that do like the larger area for work space when needed


  2. I prefer to have cooking countertops in an island – it’s all about separating space for specific activities. I also agree with Ken above me – if you are going to do 2 activities at the island (like sit and eat there) I prefer option 2. It allows someone to use both sides simultaneously. Much more hygienic option.


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