As part of its House for Homes project, Chief Architect is building a spec home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and donating all profits from the sale to a local housing cause through St. Vincent de Paul.

Over the years, Chief Architect has developed several sample plans.  With an upcoming release of its software, Chief Architect will be developing a new sample plan and then have the home built by a local builder.

Grandview Floor Plan

The project began as an educational event for its staff, many of which train professional builders and designers throughout the US on how to use Chief Architect’s software.  As the project evolved, the company wanted to help assist with local housing needs in the area, so donating the profits from the home became a logical answer.  

There are many well-known manufacturers included in Chief Architect’s software.  The company will be reaching out to these partners and others for product sponsorships.  The more that sponsors can contribute, the more we can benefit our local housing needs.

About the Grandview Build home

Grandview Elevation View

The home will be in the range of 3,500 sq ft. on a half-acre sloped lot at 1910 E. Grandview Drive, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  The style will be similar to the existing homes in the area. As much as possible, the latest technology and energy performance will be incorporated into the design.

Chief Architect’s software will be used for 3D visualization of the project to assist subcontractors in the building project and for construction drawings.

Would you like to contribute or be a sponsor in the project? Contact us at 208.292.3400 x3410 or e-mail Grandview@ChiefArchitect.com