BC Engineers Provides Structural Engineering

As we move forward in the process for the Grandview build, structural engineering is required for the lateral shear and point loads.

BC Engineers is sponsoring the project and has completed the engineering required for the home.  The firm specializes in structural engineering and works with a variety of commercial and residential designers. Brent, Eli and the team from BC Engineers has been generous with their time and exceeded our expectations, so we would like to send a special thank you for their help!

Foundation Notes
BC Engineering provided notes and details on the plan which were translated to the        Chief Architect drawings as text annotations, CAD details, and the 3D Model

Specific Engineering Edits:

  • Foundation Notes – the design initially had the floor joists hung from the foundation stem wall. The engineer and builder suggested a framed 2×4 bearing wall around the entire foundation instead. An advantage to bearing the floor joists on the furred pony wall according to the builder – a less likelihood of floor squeaks.  Using the furred bearing wall made the framing typical for the entire foundation due to the retaining wall already designed for portions of the foundation.
  • Foundation edits included relocating the crawl-space venting and adding access points for the furred bearing walls in the middle portion of the foundation.
  • Footings to bear posts, beams and to support the point loads from the girder trusses were increased and added to the plan.
  • Header, Beam, and Post Sizing – BC Engineers provided the proper sizing for the headers, beams, posts for point loads. For example, some of the headers were increased from two to three 2 x 10 or to 2×12.
  • The balcony above the garage will be supported by steel posts and a 14” ibeam. The engineering details included the steel thickness for the posts the details for connecting posts beams and joists.
  • Shear Walls with Holdowns – A Shear Wall plan was added to the drawings that specifies the lateral shear with the required holdowns for the structure in addition to the annotations and wall hatching  that was added to the plan a schedule was  included denoting the details of these structural elements.

Shear Wall Notes

  • Custom CAD Details – For elements that required more than a Text Note, we referenced the engineering team’s sketches to produce CAD Details that were added to the drawing. We blocked all of these new CAD Details so they can be saved and edited for future projects.

Detailed Structural Sketch


View the updated Grandview plan set.

360 Panorama – Ray Trace

As we explore design options for the Grandview home, we generated a panorama image (using Chief Architect X9).

The 360 ray traced image below is composed of six images, like a cube, and then it is stitched together.  It went through 4 passes averaging 9 hrs./pass.  It is very large: 8878 x 4320 (approx. 4x the normal size we do at 1920 x 1080).

Chief Architect interior design panorama
Click the image to explore our 360 image.

360 images can be an interactive way to communicate your design ideas to your customers. Are you using 360 panoramic images in your business? Share the link with us in the comments below.



Design Challenge: Designing for an Uphill Sloped Lot

We are looking for home design ideas to help inspire the final plan for our Grandview Charity Spec Home. You can join the challenge on our ChiefTalk thread. There, you’ll find a file that contains the actual terrain model for the building lot, which you can use to design the home (compatible with Chief Architect X8 or Home Designer 2017 and newer) or see the lot image.

The design post that is voted to the top will be included in the development process with our local design firm. The designer may also become a featured contributor. Learn more here.

We are excited to see your designs!

Grandview Home Floor Plan

Now that we have our site plan laid out, it’s time to evaluate floor plan options. We have designed several candidate floor plans and are considering this layout.

You can also walk through this plan using our 3D Viewer app. Once in the app, enter the shared code: 81640 13064 98116 to access the plan.

Feel free to share your professional design advice with us through our ChiefTalk thread. Your input will be included when finalizing a plan with our local Coeur d’Alene design firm.