Shift in Plans

Plan Set Cover

Plans for the Grandview house were submitted in mid-November 2016. Four months and 10 days later we received permit approval – with no changes requested from the building department. Either they were really detailed plans or once the fourth month comes, the building department must approve the permit.

The permit delay does not allow enough schedule to complete the home in time for the 2017 Parade of Homes.

Construction of the home will be shifted to 2018 tentatively scheduled for spring and completion for the Parade of Homes.

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Plan Check Delay – What’s happening in your area?

With the incorporation of the structural engineering and storm water plan from BC Engineers, we have the final version of Grandview Plan ready to submit to our building department for permits.

We had heard that our local building department was taking about a month to review plans.  On the same day we turned in our plans, an article was published in our local newspaper about delays in getting plans approved.  Our building department is experiencing record high permit requests with levels not seen since the housing boom of 2005-2007.

Are you experiencing anything similar in your local building market?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.