Developing CAD Details

We used our CAD Detail Template to generate the CAD blocks needed for the Grandview plan.  This template, available with Chief Architect Premier, assists with providing a consistent style in terms of Line Weights, Annotation Style and Size, Color Themes, Scale and others.  We have made the CAD Details we created available to download and we hope you find them useful.


Templates like the CAD Detail Template can be updated and modified to suit the individual needs of the draftsperson.  In fact, we encourage users to customize these files to their own specific needs . We found ourselves adding an annotation set for 1” = 1’ (the recommended scale for printing details) in our version of the plan template.


When you use these blocks, place them in a CAD Detail View in your project, and set the Scale for the Drawing Sheet to 1” = 1’, this will ensure that line weights are being handled properly. The details can be sent to Layout directly from this view.

For Grandview, we also created our own version of Window Flashing Installation Instructions. This detail differs from the traditional CAD Details that we create because we leveraged images of our wall and window objects as elements in the detail itself. CAD Blocks don’t store images with them in the Library Browser, so we stored the detail images and notes in its own CAD Detail View. You can deconstruct the process we used by downloading this Chief Architect plan.



Grandview CAD Detail Library – Download

Window Flashing Chief Architect Plan- Download